Starting as just a few conversations in 2018, the TechSEO Podcast has since been hailed as one of the Best Podcasts to Master SEO and Stay Tuned by Ahrefs, with notable guests including Kevin Indig, Russ Jones, Barry Adams, Jon Myers and Gerry White.

Designed to bring you the latest thoughts, opinions and insights from some of the best technical SEO professionals in the industry, it’s packed with easy-listening, high-value content and practical tips to help deepen your expertise in technical SEO. 

Created (and formally hosted) by SEO Consultant Dan Taylor, and fellow SEO Consultant Adam Gent, the monthly TechSEO Podcast took a breather while Adam moved to DeepCrawl. And then 2020 happened. 

Now it’s back with a punch, featuring new host Keira Davidson (another SEO Consultant at SALT.agency), who’s already been described by Ahrefs as ‘a great conversationalist’. Discussing everything from large-scale migrations to automated SEO testing and beyond, the TechSEO Podcast is for every kind of marketing specialist who’s keen to learn more about the technical side of SEO.

Produced by SALT.agency – one of the world’s most unique, bespoke international-based SEO agencies that’s at the forefront of technical marketing – we’ve got some pretty good know-how behind our conversations. 

Because to put it plainly: with technical SEO, we know it well. So we created this podcast to share our insights with you. Simple.

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